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“SAVE A LIFE” with Mr. Goutham Kumar

By Shivam Dixit Posted on Jul, 19 2017

 They work 24/7 to serve poor and needy. Their main objective is hunger-relief; provide permanent solution to orphans and underprivileged.

Meet Goutham Kumar, a post graduate in computer science, software professional, quit his job in MNC to pursue his passion of serving the poor and needy. After watching several homeless and needy people on the streets every day, it started bothering him deep inside; he could hear the hunger and homeless cries.

He joined and worked in NGOs for 5 years before establishing “Serve Needy” voluntary organization in 2014. His main goal is to serve poor and needy in the world.  He started his services in Hyderabad city through his organization Serve Needy, with an objective to spread his helping hands all over India and around the world.

Goutham and his team of volunteers including the staff members, work 24/7, round the clock to ensure that nobody is left with an empty stomach, no child is left as an orphan, no one dies like an orphan, everyone gets education, no one turned down for medical treatment because of poverty. His motive is not only to serve poor and needy, but also to look after the uncared pets, fixing pot holes, and contribute in the clean India campaign. His favorite lines are “Nobody should have to go hungry” and “No one should live or die like an orphan when I am still alive “as he said. 




The vision of Serve Needy is to look after the proper care and attention of the orphans and left out old aged persons. To provide them food, shelter, education and the basic amenities of life required for a simple living under a single roof.


Their Mission is to provide unconditional help to the poor and needy in the society

    •         To feed hungry and poor daily on streets, destitute homes, orphanages, old age homes and where          there are hungry stomachs;
    •  To provide free medical treatment to needy;
    •  To provide shelter to orphan, poor children, neglected old people with all facilities in family                    environment; 
    •  To provide permanent solution to homeless;

  •  To facilitate last rites to unattended dead bodies; 
  •  To distribute Food, clothes and provide shelter to orphan kids, old age people, disabled people              and street identified individuals; 
  •  To identify uncared people on streets, transform them into respectful citizens by cleaning, caring;
  •  To fix dangerous potholes on the roads to avoid accidents;
  •  To clean the surroundings under Swach Bharath initiative;
  •          To educate poor children in slums. 


Under the project "SAVE A LIFE" serve needy has rescued more than 22 lives of abandoned and destitute old people. 

Serve Needy is a Registered Non-Profitable and Non-Religious Social Service Organization. They work 24/7 to serve poor and needy. Their main objective is hunger-relief; provide permanent solution to orphans and underprivileged.

Inspired by many humble hearts, Goutham and his team offer help whole heartedly to the needy. Their goal is to serve unconditionally, express love and compassion to poor and needy. They aim to help millions of such needy people. They also want to make sure that their help genuinely reaches needy hands directly.



During our field trips, they came across many poor, beggars, homeless people living in very unhygienic and untidy conditions. Their plight is horrible, lot of them have minimum clothing to cover their bodies. They suffer in harsh weather conditions, no place to live, no food to eat. They don’t take bath for several months. They eat from garbage, which results in a lot of infections and diseases.

Serve Needy mission is to rescue such people. The volunteers and medical team identify such people and give thorough transformation” said Mr. Gautham in the telephonic conversation. 



The growth of the child depends not just on the food he/she eats but on the surroundings under which they grow. There are many under privileged children, who are still waiting to see the real meaning of “joy, happiness and laughter”. With their SPREADING SMILES project, they try to give them love, care and happiness which money cannot buy.

They encourage people to celebrate the birthday of those children who never really had a celebration in their entire life. They surprise kids on streets, slums, orphanages with cake and chocolates etc and celebrate birthdays in the most meaningful way – spreading happiness!



"A clean India would be the best tribute India could pay to Mahatma Gandhi"

Swachh Bharat Mission was launched throughout length and breadth of the country as a national movement. However, it has been clearly declared that the campaign is not only the duty of the Government but each and every citizen of the country is equally responsible to keep the nation clean.

 Serve Needy is a responsible organization; they strictly follow this national campaign initiated for making India a better place to live in. Their main objective is to make our surroundings clean and green and they also ensure that they remain clean by regularly cleaning and also educate people to practice proper hygiene habits.




  “No one should die like an orphan” he said with a voice full of humanity.

There are so many orphan and old aged, poor, helpless people who die on the streets every day in India, who cannot afford to last rites in traditional form or do not have anyone to carry their body and cremate.



The mission of the Serve Needy Free Medical Mobile is to provide access to millions of poor and needy providing comprehensive services necessary to achieve better health care. This mission is based on the belief that every person, regardless of his/her financial means, deserves high-quality, comprehensive, continuous health care, delivered in a respectful, caring environment. 

Serve Needy Medical mobile clinic achieves this mission by delivering primary medical care to poor and needy directly in their neighborhoods at no direct cost to their caregivers. Serve Needy Free Medical Mobile also caters like an Ambulance to carry people in emergencies as well as for doing last rites services to poor



Potholes are a leading cause of accidents in India. Even small holes and damages on the road can cause major accidents and can cause accidental deaths. Serve Needy took initiative of fixing potholes by coordinating with “Shramadaan”. They fix minor repairs on the roads, which needs immediate attention. Their mission is to ensure our citizens are safe while travelling on the road every day.



If you want to contribute to the humble cause the details are here……DONATE MONEY, TIME to save humanity. Me (Shivam Dixit) and team POLITICO NATION salute this man for making a positive change in society.

Send your contributions to the below account. Please inform them ( Mr. Goutham 9550335994) when you are sending your contributions so that they can keep a track of your contribution. Here are their Bank Details:-


• Bank Name:         AXIS BANK 


• Account No:         914010019868683 

• Branch Name:      Prakash Nagar 

• IFSC Code:          UTIB0001454 

• MICR Code:          500211028 



Written By:  Shivam Dixit (based on the telephonic conversation of 10 min 22 second with Mr. Gautham)