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Amazon delivery boy starts own company, rakes in a lakh every month

By PN Team Posted on Jul, 19 2017

Everyone wants everything delivered at one’s doorstop without going through any hassles. After all, it is a fast-paced world we are living in. This is where e-commerce giants step in and ensure smooth online transactions for a customer.  Many startups have also entered the picture as well offering food delivery services. Most of these are presently catering only to the urban corporate cities, leaving many other cities uncovered. Understanding this gap, Raghuvir Singh Chaudhary founded a startup that provides snacks and tea delivery services in Jaipur.


Hailing from Jaipur, Raghuvir comes from a poor background. Owing to difficult financial circumstances, he had to give up higher education after completing his school. To earn money, he began working for Amazon as a delivery boy, where he was being paid Rs 9,000 per month. Since he did not have a bike, he travelled by a cycle to deliver at each customer’s doorstep.

Travelling by cycle would tire out Raghuvir, and he used to often take tea breaks to unwind. Finding a good tea place would always be a challenge for him. He realised that there will be many like him who would struggle to find good tea after a hectic day of work. This was the trigger for the idea behind his startup.

Raghuvir started working on the idea along with his three other friends. He gradually built his network with the nearby vendors, soon interacting with over 100 vendors. The tea and delivery service he provides is so good that there are many vendors now who order tea from him. One of the biggest achievements came when he could buy himself a bike.

Currently, Raghuvir has four tea delivery centres in Jaipur, and receives over 500-700 orders on an average every day. He earns Rs one lakh every month, and is now a proud owner of four bikes used for delivery purposes.

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